Top Reasons To Quit Facebook Now

Top Reasons To Quit Facebook Now
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Top reasons on why you should quite Facebook and delete your account now.

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Considering leaving Facebook and need something to push you into doing it? Or maybe you will only give up your Facebook when it can be pried from your cold, dead hands. Either way, you'll want to read these top reasons on why you should quit using Facebook for good.

Maybe you'll change your mind on those cold, dead hands after reading these.

None Of It Actually Matters

Some people are so addicted to Facebook that it becomes their life. Forget not going a day without checking, some people can't go an hour without checking! But why? What's the point? Everything you post and everything your "friends" post is completely pointless.

Think about all of the updates, memes, political non-sense from ignorants, and other posts you've seen over the years. Does any of that matter right now, today? No, of course not! Did changing your profile photo to a French flag stop more terrorist actions? Did dumping ice on your head change the world? Nope! And if there was something important, maybe photos of your grandkids and whatnot, you can still get that stuff via email or even physical photos mailed to you. Nothing that you read or share truly matters on Facebook. It's all here today, gone and forgotten tomorrow.

It Wastes Time

This one is a no-brainer for sure, Facebook is a major time waster. Even if you're one of the so called "average" users who averages just under 20 minutes per day on the social media network, that's still over 120 hours per year (5 days!) of your life wasted. Imagine what you could do with 5 full days, that's a work week! It's a vacation!

If you used Facebook at that "average" level for 73 years you will have wasted an entire year on the site. Now, imagine if you're more of a "power" user who spends 30-60 minutes per day, or more. Scary math ahead!

Information Overload

Think about your Facebook feed and how much information passes through. It's like working at the post office with a never ending stream of mail coming through. That's the reason they go postal! No matter how much you read and digest, more is on the way. It's impossible to keep up and leads to information overload.

Those Aren't Your Real Friends

According to this study, the average number of so called Facebook "friends" people have is 300 (for those 18-29). Those in the 30-49 group average 200 friends each. Think about that for just a minute, do you really know 300 people? Not "know of" 300 people, but truly "know" 300 people? Know them as in friends you'd hang out with in person, invite to your house, etc.

Of course not, because they're not your friends. Even if you knew them at some point, maybe in school decades ago, you probably don't know them now. So are they on your friends list because you're really interested in what they have to say and post, or is it because you just want to show off your life's accomplishments to them? Either way, most are not your real friends.

Your Privacy Is More Important Than You Realize

The sad truth here is that the average Facebook user doesn't care about their privacy online at all. In most cases, it's because they have no clue as to how much their privacy is violated online. Did you read their Privacy Policy? Of course not.

Most don't realize how they're being tracked and watched by Facebook, which I'll cover more in the next topic. Most don't think about how Facebook recognizes their face (or their kids, etc) and tags photos accordingly. They're not thinking about how they're ruining the privacy of others when that happens. They're not seeing the day when a camera in a store recognizes them and shows them an ad on a screen or their phone as they walk by a product they once expressed an interest in on Facebook, months earlier.

Most blindly give access to all sorts of websites and apps by using the "Login With Facebook" buttons that are so common today. But what happens if somebody gets into your Facebook account, and now has access to ALL of those other sites and apps as well? Or what if the website that offers that login button isn't all that honest and is ALSO collecting your personal information.

We offer the Login With Facebook button here on as well, but we don't force it. If you use that button you'll find that ALL we get from Facebook is your email address and name. Nothing more. We don't try to post as you, we don't need your birthday, location, or friends list. Why would we? We just need a way to identify your account which is done with your email since it's unique to you. What about the other guys, what are they doing with that sensitive information?

They're Just Selling You Stuff

Facebook exists for a single reason, to make money off of you. They do this by targeting you with very specific ads that usually want to sell you something. It's downright creepy at how well they do this. Everytime you search the Internet for stuff (products, etc), Facebook knows.

Facebook is in bed with a variety of "big data" companies that track what you do on the web, where you go, and what you do in apps. They build a profile of who you are, what you like, what sort of income you make, where you live, what you take photos of, and so on. They then show you ads based on your profile. Every time you "like" (or love, or get angry, etc) a post, this adds to your profile, all for the purpose of selling ads. Scary stuff, but also know that so many other big sites do this as well.

It Kills Motivation

It's tough to stay focused and motivated on your tasks and general life goals when all you see are posts from friends. Maybe Bob took an amazing vacation to Hawaii while you're stuck in chilly Chicago. That can be demotivating. But then dozens of your other friends post their vacation photos, or the party they went to last night, and now you're really feeling like everyone else is living the good life but you. Who needs that nonsense?

It May Be Bad For Your Health

There have actually been various studies on how and why Facebook may actually be bad for your health. Here's one that talks about Facebook which I'll sum up with this quote, "Both studies provide evidence that people feel depressed after spending a great deal of time on Facebook because they feel badly when comparing themselves to others." Others suggest that that using social media may mess with your growth hormones, digestions, and even vision, along with screwing up your sleep patterns (which we've covered in Twilight App Review). Great, so I can get the runs and depression from a website? Thanks, but I'll pass.

It's Making You Dumb

Look at the way we write on Facebook and other social media sites today. Between the fact that we abbreviate simple words like "you" as "u", told the grammar police to shove it, and allow the terrible invention that is auto-correct to rule our world we've all become a bit dumber because of social media. Remember when proper spelling meant something? Remember when we knew how to use Affect Versus Effect, When & How To Use There, Their, and They're, as well as how and when to use commas when writing out lists (see The Oxford Comma And Why You Should Use It). Proper writing skills and general common sense seem to be going the way of the Navajo code talkers. Save yourself before it's too late!


If you're ready to quit here's all you need to do...

  1. Go to, click the down arrow at the top right.

  2. Click "Settings" then "Security" on the left.

  3. Click "Deactivate Your Account" and follow steps to confirm deletion.