Affect Versus Effect

When to use affect versus when to use effect.

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Matt Anderson's Take
This is a common question when writing, should I use "affect" or "effect" in my sentence? So what's the difference between the two?

The easiest way to remember this is to understand that "affect" is usually a verb and "effect" is usually a noun. I could offer you up a mnemonic (a form of abbreviation) and tell you to remember R.A.V.E.N. which stands for Remember Affect Verb Effect Noun.

But that's silly nonsense so let's make it easier! Because the vast majority of the time, using affect vs effect is as simple as knowing this:


To affect something is to change it, to influence it. An example of "affect": Big waves affect the beach.


Think of effect as the result of a cause. When you affect something you cause and effect. An example of "effect": The big storm had a negative effect on the beachfront community.

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