Twilight App Review

Twilight App Review
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Did you know that the blue light from your phone or tablet can be messing with your sleep patterns? Not to worry, Twilight seems to be the app for that. Read on to see if it's worth your time.

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I love the description of Twilight which reads...

...because I bet more people are impacted by the blue light from their various displays than they realize.

There is a lot of research out there that suggests that this "blue light" can negatively impact your sleep. It's believe that the light distorts your natural circadian rhythm because it causes your body to produce less melatonin. Melatonin helps you sleep. Tests show that people who play on their devices before bed can find that falling asleep can take longer (an hour or longer).

This is a serious problem because this spectrum of blue light is present in pretty much every cell phone, tablet, computer or laptop screen, and television. Apps like Twilight could, in theory, eliminate or reduce these issues by reducing or removing that problematic blue light spectrum.

Twilight does this by filtering out the blue light and showing your display in hues of red. Yes, this means that everything on your phone turns a little red-ish. But it's actually not a bad thing and easy to get used to. You won't want to do photo editing in this mode but otherwise it's just fine.

The app can automatically detect your location and your sunset and sunrise cycles and can adjust itself automatically. It's pretty neat how after the sunsets my display slowly starts to turn red. Or you can set your own start / stop cycles. You can even customize the color temperature, intensity, and screen dimming amounts.

It's very flexible and I like it! I don't have trouble sleeping in general, and usually don't use my phone near bedtime. What I have noticed is that in the evening, or in a dark room, my eyes can read the screen easier with less fatigue. It's a noticeable difference for me and I use it just for this reason alone. It's just much softer on my eyes and easier for my eyes to adjust to the red hues (which is why they use red lights on submarines!).

Two big thumbs up! Get Twilight now for free on the Google Play Store.