Two Hundred Feet

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Ever noticed that Disney rides tend to be less than 200 feet tall? Here's why.

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Many of the various attractions in Walt Disney World are quite tall but have did you know that rides tend to cap out just under 200 feet tall?

There is a reason for this. There is actually an FAA regulation that requires a fixed red light on top of any structure that is 200 feet or taller. You know, to keep planes from accidently flying into them. Seems like a smart rule.

Disney Imagineers didn't like the idea of a red beacon to take away from the theming and thus cap the height limit for their buildings just under 200 feet. This is why an attraction like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror is only 199 feet tall. Expedition Everest - Legend of the Forbidden Mountain stands the tallest at 199.5 feet tall.