Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters

2.5 stars from 6 reviews
Address 1313 Disneyland Drive, Anaheim, CA 92802
Slow moving cars that dance to music. Um. Boring.

• Type: Slow Moving • Type: Spinning
• Height Requirements: 32" (82 cm) • Extras: Loud Noises
• Extras: Rider Switch (Baby Swap) • Access: Xfer From Wheelchair Or ECV
• Ticket Type: C Ticket

Matt Anderson's Take
Luigi's Rollickin' Roadsters is a brand new ride at Disney California Adventure Park and is located in the spot where Luigi's Flying Tires was. You board one of Luigi's colorful cousins and take a spin around Casa Della Tires' storage yard which has been turned into a dance floor. While this may look like a bumper car style ride it's nothing of the sort. You sit in the cars which "dance" to music but you have no control over the slow moving vehicles at all.
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Matt Anderson
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Joined: Jan 2019
Reviews: 10
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Mildly entertaining if you have younger children but really slow and boring otherwise.
Kong H
Joined: Jan 2018
Reviews: 34
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This space went from one bad ride to another bad ride. Disney really screwed up on Flying Tires and Roadsters. A true Disney embarrassment.
Carol W
Joined: Nov 2017
Reviews: 12
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Cute ride but I could see that this is a bit boring for some.
Mark M
Joined: Oct 2017
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Fun to ride if you have small children mostly. For older kids it's a little boring.
Deb A
Joined: Mar 2017
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These cars are really cute and my son loved them. It's not the best ride and does get a little boring but it certainly keeps the little ones entertained.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
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I'm sure this is fun for somebody. Maybe young kids or fans that really, really I mean REALLY love the Cars movies. The old Luigi ride was at least fun because you could control the cars even though that ride had its share of problems. I just can't believe this is the replacement. It's basically another teacup ride without the fixed track pattern. Boring.
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