Grizzly Peak

Grizzly Peak
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Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Grizzly Peak, Anaheim, CA 92802
Grizzly Peak is all about California's great out doors and natural beauty.

• General: Educational

Grizzly Peak is a land inside Disney California Adventure Park. If you're staying at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa you will be able to use the "back door" second entrance / exit to Disney California Adventure Park which is located in this land. Again, only guests staying at Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa can use this second entrance to the park, though anyone can exit the park here.

You can't miss the 110 foot tall mountain that is shaped like a grizzly bear which also makes for some great photo opportunities, see Disney's PhotoPass Service - Grizzly Peak Waterfall.

In terms of stuff to do, this is another one of those lands that's lacking a bit as it only has two attractions and only one of those is an actual ride. The good news is that both attractions are pretty decent and worth looking into.

Grizzly Peak Rides & Attractions
Grizzly River Run
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

Grizzly Peak Restaurant & Food Options
There aren't any restaurants in the Grizzly Peak land, other than a possible food cart or two (usually a churro cart can be found near the entrance to the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail.