Redwood Creek Challenge Trail

4.5 stars from 7 reviews
Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Grizzly Peak, Anaheim, CA 92802
It's a giant playground with plenty of stuff to play on for the little ones.

• Type: Playground • Type: Walk Through
• Extras: Educational • Extras: Interactive
• Extras: Level: All Ages / Family Friendly • Access: Ambulatory Requirements
• Access: Wheelchair & ECV Accessible

Matt Anderson's Take
Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is a playground on a massive scale. You'll walk in the main entrance (only one way in and one way out) and then you, or your kids, are free to explore.

It's full of slides, a rock climbing area, bridges to cross, and generally explore. It's been given minor theming from the Disney•Pixar movie Up and is staffed with rangers. You can even earn Wilderness Explorer Badges by following clues. Earn all badges and it's off to Ahwahnee Camp Circle for a special ceremony (which only take place at certain times of the day) where you get to meet Russell and become a Senior Wilderness Explorer.

It's a fun place for kids and usually not too crowded. Parents can walk around or hang out by the entrance since that's also the only way back out.
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Matt Anderson
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This big playground type course is very fun for everyone. Just watch out for all the little holes your feet can get stuck in.
Joined: Mar 2017
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The only problem with this area is that once your kids go in they won't want to leave. Over a few days we spent hours in here, my son loved it that much.
Tom T
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This isn't really a ride but a course to walk in that simulates a redwood forest. It does a pretty good job capturing the essence of that experience. There's a small zipline, and a few bridges to cross which makes it fun for the kiddos.
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The Redwood Creek Challenge Trail is a great play place for the kids, but not to much fun for me. Most parents park their butts on rock benches under the bridges but I follow my kids around. I like seeing my kids having fun, but it wears me out!
Joined: Jul 2014
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I love running around in here. You can climb things, go down slides, and go on a zip line thing.
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This is a great place to run around and climb and play. I love running around in here with my little sister.
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