Natural Headache Cure Using Essential Oils

Natural Headache Cure Using Essential Oils
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Got a headache and need a natural cure that doesn't use harsh, chemical medications?

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Headaches are a pain in the... well... head. There a zillion reasons why people get headaches and almost as many ways to cure them or relieve the pain from them. Some of the most obvious ways to ease headache pain, or to prevent headaches, is with proper diet and hydration.

In fact, if you have a headache, drinking water is probably the first thing to try as dehydration is a common headache cause. Besides, water is great for you as we explain in the Top 8 Health Benefits Of Water. On the food side, you should also read 10 Pain Fighting Foods, Health Benefits Of Detox, Finding The Right Balance For Optimal Health, and Choosing A Diet Of The Healthiest Vegetables to name a few.

But what if you have a headache right now and water isn't helping. Maybe over the counter medicines aren't helping either, or you simply don't want to take them. What can you do?

Essential oils to the rescue! I'm not a huge fan of the new age, hippy oil movement and I generally don't like anything with a scent / smell to it floating around my house or person. But this one works well for a lot of people and actually smells good.

You'll need the following essential oils / items:

  1. Peppermint Essential Oil (affiliate link)

  2. Lavender Essential Oil (affiliate link)

  3. Rosemary Essential Oil (affiliate link)

  4. Essential Oil Roller Bottle (affiliate link)

The brand of essential oils aren't that important. Buy one from the links above that is in the size you want and at a price you're happy with. Going by the Amazon rating is usually your best bet.

To make this "magic potion" you simply mix equal parts of all three oils (so, 1/3 of each) into the roller bottle. You can eyeball the amounts, no need to measure, as we're not exactly launching space shuttles here.

Any time you get a headache simply roll on a small amount to your head. The best areas are the temple or slightly above your ears as well as the back of your neck. Rolling it into your hairline helps avoid it dripping down your face and neck. Give it a few minutes and hopefully you'll feel some relief. As a side benefit, you'll smell like a candy cane which is always good (and not like a patchouli wearing hippie).

A word of caution: Do not let this mixture get in or near your eyes, it will burn! Wash your hands when done and don't touch the areas you've applied it to as you may then forget and touch your eyes. The peppermint provides a cooling feel but that cooling quickly turns to burning near the eyes.

The same mixture also works well to help you breathe in the case of some allergies or stuffed of noses. If you find that you get a little stuffed up at night, try applying a bit to your head (same areas) before going to bed. You might enjoy a night of clearing breathing like never before.

As with all information related to health and cures please understand that this article isn't a cure all miracle. It doesn't work for everyone, nor does it treat every type of headache. It's simple enough to try and doesn't cost much either and certainly makes more sense than medications if it works for you.