Top 8 Health Benefits Of Water

Top 8 Health Benefits Of Water
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It may not be a magic bullet but water has tons of health benefits, here are 8 of the biggest.

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Water Boosts Energy

Feeling tired and exhausted? Dehydration makes your body feel that way so try drinking some water. Getting a proper water balance in your body allows your heart to pump blood more effectively.

Stressed Out?

Water can actually help you lower your stress levels and keep them down as over 70% of your brain is made up of water. Keep a bottle with you and drink regularly.

Treat Headaches & Migraines

Got a headache or a migraine? Then try drinking plenty of water to hydrate your body. One of the biggest causes of both of these head pounding ailments is dehydration.

Feeling Fat?

Water actually speeds up your metabolism and has the added benefit of making you feel full. Cold water is even better since it forces your body to warm the water up, burning calories in the process. This can help you lose weight and avoid hunger binging.

Got Bad Skin?

Water actually helps smooth out wrinkles and facial lines which show up more when you're dehydrated. It also helps cleanse your body of impurities.

Kidney Stones

Worried about developing kidney stones? You should be as these are incredibly painful to pass. Drinking water will help dilute minerals and salts in your urine that make up kidney stones.


Drink a glass of water (or three) and help hydrate your body and help stop that pounding headache. Try drinking water after a night of drinking to help prevent or lessen a hangover as well. Or don't overdrink in the first place.

Trouble Pooping?

Drinking water helps you stay regular and is good for overall digestion. Dehydration forces your body to absorb water from other places like your colon which leaves it dry and makes a proper bowel movement more difficult.