Na'vi River Journey

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Phone (407) 939-5277
Address 2901 Osceola Pkwy, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Slow moving boat tour through Pandora's Na'vi river.

• Type: Boat Ride • Type: Slow Moving • Height Requirements: None • Extras: Level: All Ages / Family Friendly • Extras: Rider Switch (Baby Swap)
• Guest Per Car: 6 • Access: Xfer From Wheelchair Or ECV

Na'vi River Journey is a slow moving boat ride, in the dark, through the Na'vi River in the world of Pandora. This Animal Kingom attraction is on par with a Pirates of the Caribbean style boat ride but does not have any drops in it. So there are no thrills and you won't get splashed with water which does make it good for the whole family.

The detailing here is incredible with a huge amount of lighting effects to bring the bioluminescent rainforest to life. Near the end you'll come upon the Na'vi Shaman of Songs which is one of the most impressive animatronic characters Disney has ever created.

Those looking for small or large drops or any type of thrills may be disappointed here, but those who can appreciate incredibly detailed and immersive worlds will find plenty to enjoy. When compared to other slow moving boat rides this one is very much on the short side which can be a little disappointing after a long wait in line. Although we love the detail here, the ride is very much on the boring side. It's worth seeing at least once but only if the line isn't too long and it's likely not going to be one you'll come rushing back to right away.