Blizzard Beach

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Phone (407) 560-3400
Address 1534 Blizzard Beach Dr, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
A water park that only Disney could dream up and execute this well.

• General: Educational

Blizzard Beach is Disney's idea of a water park based on the idea of a freak snow storm hitting a tropical beach area.

In classic Disney style the story is a bit more involved and goes something like this: After the snow storm they decided to build a ski lodge but as the snow started to melt they were going to shut it all down until they saw an alligator sliding down one of the slopes. Somebody had an "aha" moment and they turned it all into a water park. Disney is pretty great at creating and telling stories but sometimes they go a bit too far and come up with stuff like this.

Oh well, it's all okay because the the entire park is themed with some amazing snowy landscapes and fun water slides along with an actual ski slope chair lift to take you to the tallest slides.

There are plenty of slides, rides, and things to do here. The complete list of fun stuff includes Cross Country Creek, Chairlift, Downhill Double Dipper, Melt-Away Bay, Runoff Rapids, Ski Patrol Training Camp, Slush Gusher, Snow Stormers, Summit Plummet, Teamboat Springs, Tike's Peak, and Toboggan Racers.