Downhill Double Dipper

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Phone (407) 560-3400
Address 1534 Blizzard Beach Dr, Walt Disney World® Resort, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
Inner tube style, racing slides with time displays at the end.

• Type: Thrill Ride • Type: Water Ride / Slide • Height Requirements: 48" (122 cm) • Extras: Sudden Drops • Extras: You'll Get Wet
• Access: Ambulatory Requirements • Access: Free Of Health Issues

The Downhill Double Dipper is a pair of side-by-side waterslides at Blizzard Beach. Line up on an inner tube at the starting gates and get ready for a quick race to the finish as you plummet 50 feet down through a dark tube and into the light of day again. First one to the end wins and your time will be displayed on a digital clock.