World Of Color - Celebrate!

4.5 stars from 5 reviews
Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Paradise Pier, Anaheim, CA 92802
An amazing water and light show that puts all others to shame.

• Type: Dark Ride • Type: Movie / Show
• Height Requirements: None • Extras: FastPass
• Extras: Level: All Ages / Family Friendly • Access: Hearing Disability Services
• Access: Wheelchair & ECV Accessible

Matt Anderson's Take
UPDATE: World Of Color will become World Of Color - Celebrate! on May 22, 2015 and will be hosted by Mickey Mouse and Neil Patrick Harris. Expect an even more exciting show while Disney celebrates the 60th anniversary of Disneyland.

World of Color is a 28 minute nighttime show that involves a lot of water and lighting effects. It takes place in Paradise Bay (that large body of water in California Adventure) and contains almost 1,200 fountains that shoot water almost 200 feet in the air.

All of that creates a projection screen that's almost 19,000 square feet in size where various movies are shown throughout the performance. Add in fire, fog, and laser effects and you have one of those must-see-it-to-believe it experiences. Ever see the fountains at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas? It's like that times a million.

As if all of that wasn't enough, guests can purchase glowing Mickey Ear hats. These special hats will light up and match the sequence of the World of Color show in real time. Imagine a crowd of thousands with glowing hats that are all timed to the music and show. Now imagine if those hats were smart enough to be separated into groups so that one group of hats is lighting up one way and another group slightly different. It's an incredible thing to see.

The hats actually light up in other areas of the park such as Mad T Party and Luigi's Flying Tires. They're a bit on the pricey side at $25 each and available at various shops and merchandise carts throughout the resort.

The biggest issue with the show is that it's too popular. You can get a Fastpass for it but they often go pretty quick. Regardless, the whole area around the bay gets really crowded long before the show ever starts. On top of that, Cast Members rope and tape off areas long before the show starts so this one show ends up creating massive choke points and traffic problems long before it ever starts. It really feels like one of those attractions that wasn't planned out very well in terms of crowd control.

The second issue is in being able to get a good view. It's always amazing how Disney shows like this turn ordinarily decent people into monsters. You'll have many situations where one person in the family tries to claim a spot early on and an hour later the other 38 people in their group show up and butt their way. People will work their way in front of others, blocking the view for those behind them (especially small kids). It turn the happiest place on earth into the rudest place on earth and leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Common sense line etiquette should apply here. If you want to reserve a spot for your group then the whole group needs to be there. None of this 1 person saving a spot for 10 non-sense should be allowed.
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Matt Anderson
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Sherri N
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Another amazing show that only Disney can do. This is a must see.
Joined: Dec 2017
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A great night time show everyone should see but it gets very crowded and can be tough for smaller kids to see at times.
Steph L
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This is a great nighttime show. The lights and colors are simply amazing. You have to be sure to watch it at least once.
Melody A
Joined: May 2015
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World of Color is amazing. I'd stay away from the splash zone during the winter, though. World of Color puts many Disney classics into one show with water and lights. All of your favorite characters are shown on the water! The light balls are what makes World of Color so amazing! They even have ear lights hats that are matching with the World of Color.
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