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Professional and high quality screen printed shirts on the cheap.

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You've probably seen the commercials or advertisements floating around the Internet for If you haven't, they're a website that offers screen printed clothing.

You can create a design on their website or upload one you already have. They then print your creation onto t-shirts and other clothing items.

Screen Printing vs Heat Transfer

The beauty here is that you get actual screen printed shirts (among other options). This is an important difference to many other cheaper options that are simply heat transfers. You know heat transfers, right? You can print them on your ink-jet and iron them onto a shirt. They're garbage and fade quickly in the wash.

Screen printing is a professional level print job, the same that all retail shirt designs would use. So if you buy a t-shirt design at your local mall it's a screen print.


Many other sites offer screen printing but a lot will charge really high prices. Some will also have "screen" charges where you have to pay flat fees for each design you make, before any shirt is printed. Others still will have really high minimum quantities or insane shipping prices.

If you find one that isn't charging you an arm and a leg they probably want you to email in your design and wait a few days while they quote you.

It's all annoying. This is why I love! It's so simple to use. No crazy price ladders (though they have quantity discounts). No insane minimums. Only want one shirt? They'll let you buy one shirt! No screen charges. And best of all, their website works really well. It's so easy to design your shirt in real time and get an instant price quote.

If you like it you just click and buy it. So, so simple.

Are They Good?

They sell all the same shirts that all of these online printers offer. So shirt quality is more or less the same everywhere. So in this business quality is more about the print, shipping, and customer service.

Print Quality

The print quality is top notch. I ordered quite a few shirts and every one is perfectly printed. I have no doubt all were inspected after being printed. I've also washed most of them dozens of times without any sign of fading.

Shipping & Packing

They ship very fast and arrived when quoted. What's better is that all of my shirts came packaged in bags. Unlike other companies that toss them into a box and hope for the best.

Customer Service

I had one issue with my order. All of the shirts had a tiny logo printed inside the shirt. They all also had a hanging tag with the CustomInk logo on them (which you just cut off). Not a big deal but if I was sending them to clients maybe I don't want to advertise CustomInk to my clients!

So I filled out their survey and mentioned that issue. Somebody actually replied back to me, apologized, and put me on the "no marketing" option for any future orders I place. Meaning, when I buy again my items will be free of their marketing. As if that wasn't enough they even credited me $30 for the trouble.

That's above and beyond in my book and that's why I'll keep using I've used many shirt printing companies and had many problems (see Review), but I'm sticking with now.