Ooshirts.Com Review

Ooshirts.com Review
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A review of the t-shirt printing site ooshirts.com.

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This is a review of the products offered by ooshirts.com. Ooshirts.com is a website that prints your design onto various shirts. We had placed an order for 78 shirts covering 2 shirt styles, each with 2 different shirt base colors. This was close to an $1,100.00 USD order and the first time we tried ooshirts.com.

The website system they have was a little strange. We were forced to split the purchase into two separate orders. Their website would only let us select one shirt style per order. This should have been a warning sign that maybe they're better off with small and simple orders.

Once passed that issue the order process was easy and our products arrived when expected. Unfortunately there were many things that became major issues.

  • The shirts were all just tossed into box without any bagging or packing materials. Just wads of shirts bounced around on their journey to us. I don't care what I'm buying, when I spend over $1,000 I expect things to be packed properly.

  • Many of the shirts had odd stains on them. Either damaged in the factory or in shipping, hard to say.

  • Many of the shirts were not printed properly. A large amount had one color offset from the next color, ruining our logo. Others just didn't have enough ink on them.

  • There seems to be no inspection or quality control at ooshirts.com. If they had these processes in place our order would have been perfect.

After fighting with ooshirts.com support team, we were able to get a few replaced. They wouldn't replace all of the shirts that had issues though which is disappointing. Worse still, some of the re-prints they sent had the same issues as the originals (stains, etc).

They refused to further fix the errors they caused. This is why we switched to CustomInk.com Review instead. As you can see by our CustomInk.com Review review, we've been quite please ever since.

Have you used ooshirts.com? Maybe you had a better or worse experience than us? Either way, please give us your rating and review!