Roomba Dead Battery Fix

Roomba Dead Battery Fix
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Learn how to reset your Roomba so it stops docking too soon.

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Roombas are an amazing modern convenience. It's one of those devices that, once you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it. See our full Roomba 880 Review.

The problem I've had with my Roombas, in both the 700 series (affiliate link) and 800 series (affiliate link) lines, is the battery going dead. Well, at least the Roomba thinks the battery is going dead! In reality, the battery is just fine.

With a charged battery, the Roomba will start his (I assuming it's male) morning routine. Within seconds or minutes the "Dock" light will start flashing which indicates that he's looking for the dock to charge. Why is this? The battery is charged and waste bin is empty. Even the battery light is still green.

My guess is that it's a software bug of some sort but the fix is pretty easy. You just need to reset your Roomba. For me, this happens every 6 months or so at least.

How To Reset A Roomba
It's surprisingly easy to reset a Roomba. Get your Roomba and press and hold the main power / clean button. You have to hold it a while, around 10 seconds.

Keep holding until the display reads "rSt" for RESET like the picture below.

After you do this you will then need to set the time and day of week again. This is easy to do, just click the DAY button until the current day appears. Then use the HOUR and MINUTE buttons to set the time and press OK when done.

You do NOT have to reset any scheduled cleaning days and times you have set, it seems to remember those after a reset.

Now hit the big CLEAN button and your Roomba should clean without looking for the dock right away. If this doesn't fix your problem and your battery light goes from green to red quickly then it may be time to replace the battery (affiliate link). Battery replacements can be costly, but Amazon has low priced Roomba batteries (affiliate link). For more on replacement parts, be sure to read Best Roomba Replacement Parts as well.

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