Best Ways To Stay Cool While Sleeping

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Dealing with sleepless nights because it's too hot to sleep? Read our top tips on how to stay cool at night.

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Getting a good night's sleep is incredibly important. It's so important that we've already talked about The Secret To Falling Asleep Fast and 10 Ways To Sleep Better. But what if a hot room is the problem and you just can't get that room cool enough?

There's nothing worse than not being able to sleep because you can't cool your body down enough. Well, okay, there are actually many things worse than that but in the middle of a hot night it certainly seems like the worst thing!

Maybe the air conditioning isn't doing the job or maybe you don't have AC to begin with. Either way, we have compiled a list of top tips on how to get cool and stay cool for a better nights sleep.

Use A Fan
Of course, you knew that, but the key to making a fan work is to make sure it is setup correctly. Use a window fan or tower fan to pull air in from one side while having another window open on the other to create a cross breeze. You want fresh air coming in from outside, blowing over you, and then exiting the room. Using two or three fans for this is even better.

Lose The PJs
Sleeping naked is the best way to stay cool. If you must have clothing on then wear as little as possible and keep it as lightweight as possible. You'll also want to ditch the blankets. That includes losing the sheet, you're only protection from the boogy man. Aaaaahhhh!!!

Better Bedding
Get a good set of sheets that breathes well. The last thing you want on a hot night is heavy flannel sheets or some type of synthetic fabric.

Go Low
Heat rises so the closer you are to the floor the cooler it will be. If your bed is high up try putting the mattress right on the floor where it will be a bit cooler. Or sleep on a sleeping bag on the floor.

Get Wet
Showering before bed is a good start. Take a relaxing but cool shower right before bed. Keeping your hair a bit damp will also keep you cool longer.

Freeze It
Trying freezing a few small towels and keeping them on or near you as you fall asleep. Freezer gel packs work well here too. Freeze a few with the towels then use them to stay cool longer.

Change Pillows
Try using a firm pillow. Your head will sink in less which means less material wrapping around your head. Less material around your head means less trapped heat. A gel pillow can work well here too.

Ice Water
It's great to have handy when you need a few sips throughout the night to keep you cool. It's even better when kept in a bucket with just a little ice. If you wake up in the middle of the night from being too hot, dip your feet in the bucket. This will cool you down quickly. You want cool water here, too cold and it will shock you awake.

Mississippi Swamp Cooler
This one is a classic. Fill a bowl or bucket full of ice and put your fan in front of it. Release your inner redneck and enjoy. It adds humidity to the room but will blow colder air over you.