The Secret To Falling Asleep Fast

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Have trouble falling asleep? Try this simple technique to fall asleep fast.

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I'd heard about this special way to fall asleep fast for a while now. I never gave it much thought as I usually fall asleep quickly on my own as I follow the 10 Ways To Sleep Better. But when I heard that this special technique could have you falling asleep in under a minute I had to try it.

The technique goes by mane names, such as the "4-7-8 Breathing Technique" that some doctor supposedly developed. Considering it's just a simple breathing technique it's hard to know who "invented" it but that doesn't matter.

The idea is that by breathing a certain way you lower your heart rate and help calm your body down. A calm body is good for promoting sleep. The beauty here is that this technique is also a good way to reduce stress, help you concentrate, and just generally relax.

It's simple to do:

  1. Take a deep breath through your nose for about 4 seconds.

  2. Hold that breath for around 7 seconds.

  3. Forcefully exhale that breath through your mouth for 8 seconds.

Repeat that process 5-6 times.

Will it put you to sleep in under a minute? Eh, probably only if you were already exhausted. But it does seem to have a nice calming result when I do it at night. I will even say that the first night I tried it I remember doing it three times and then I woke up the next morning. So, maybe I did fall asleep in under a minute!