Flight Deck

Phone (408) 988-1776
5 stars from 3 reviews
Address 4701 Great America Parkway, Orleans Place, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Big thrills on this coasters that's suspended below the track.

• Type: Sudden Drops • Type: Thrill Ride
• Min Height: 54"

Matt Anderson's Take
Flight Deck is a suspended roller coaster that features plenty of big thrills. You'll fly through a 360 degree verticle loop, two 270 degree turns, a full circle wing over, and a zero gravity roll.

The ride vehicles hit 50 MPH and are suspended below the coasters track. You must be at least 54" tall to ride.
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Matt Anderson
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Montey C
Joined: Nov 2017
Reviews: 9
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Awesome high speed thrills.
Gary G
Joined: Jan 2017
Reviews: 18
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Hanging coasters are always fun with the air hitting your legs as they hang down. Not to be missed.
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