Living With The Land

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Phone (407) 824-4321
Address 200 Epcot Center Dr, Future World, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32821
Slow boat ride through a hydroponics and aquaponics greenhouse. Either that floats your boat or it doesn't.

• Type: Boat Ride • Type: Slow Moving • Height Requirements: None • Extras: Educational • Extras: FastPass
• Extras: Level: All Ages / Family Friendly • Guest Per Car: 7+ • Access: Xfer From ECV To Wheelchair

Living With The Land is a slow moving, educational boat ride attraction that talks about growing plants. You'll find it located in The Land building in the Future World section of Epcot.

This is nothing more than a slow moving boat ride through a real, working greenhouse. You'll get to see all sorts of fruits and vegetables being grown, some that are quite impressive (like a 9 pound lemon). The items grown here are used in some of the restaurants at Epcot even.

Of course, this isn't a typical garden with plants growing in dirt. Instead, the plants here are grown in other mediums like sand, water, or even just the air. It's all about finding other ways to grow food so this is a great place to learn about hydroponics and aquaponics and other sustainable farming technologies.

The ride is narrated throughout so there is an educational message put on this attraction as the whole idea is that we need to learn how to "live with the land". As humans, we're not doing that very well just yet but it's still a good ride with a good message.

For many, it's a love or hate ride. Some kids will love seeing the plants grown in here while others will wonder why the ride doesn't have any drops in it. So maybe grab a FastPass for Soarin' and then kill some time on this one if you have complainers in the group.

The real technological wonder on this ride is how they've managed to find the most uncomfortable seats on the planet.