It's A Small World

It's A Small World
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Phone (407) 939-5277
Address 1180 Seven Seas Drive, Fantasyland, Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
You'll either love it or hate it. Slow moving boat ride. Classic Disney.

• Type: Boat Ride • Type: Slow Moving • Height Requirements: None • Extras: Disney Classic • Extras: FastPass
• Extras: Level: All Ages / Family Friendly • Guest Per Car: 7+ • Access: Xfer From ECV To Wheelchair • Ticket Type: E Ticket

It's A Small World is a classic Disney ride and was originally designed and built for 1964-1965 World's Fair in New York. This is a boat ride but doesn't any any drops or dips so you won't get wet at all. It also moves quite slow and thus is good for all ages.

Most people will enjoy this ride and kids will certainly love seeing and hearing the various dolls from many different locations around the world sing the theme song. If you can't stand the theme song then this ten minute boat ride may feel more like a three hour tour.

There's no denying that it is a great place to get out of the heat since it's indoors and air conditioned but even I am secretly singing away inside the privacy of my own head when I ride this one.

Got a stroller? The parking area you are looking for will be to your left (when facing the entrance to the attraction). Then when you come back out you get to play the "where did the Cast Member move my stroller to" game. Their notoriously good at putting it in the last spot you look at.