Paradise Garden Grill

4.5 stars from 4 reviews
Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Pixar Pier, Anaheim, CA 92802
Middle Eastern style cuisine, quick serve style.

• Food Types: American • Food Types: Italian
• Food Types: Pizza • Payment: $ - Cheap - Under $15
• Payment: $$ - Average - $15 to $30 • Meals: Dinner
• Meals: Lunch • Service Type: Counter / Quick
• Style: Casual • Style: Family Friendly
• Offers: Kids Menu • Offers: Open Air / Outdoor Seating

Matt Anderson's Take
Paradise Garden Grill is a great quick service food choice that specializes in Middle Eastern style food. We're talking such hits as gyros, ground beef kefta, lemon oregano chicken, grilled steak, and several others.
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Matt Anderson
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Kong H
Joined: Jan 2018
Reviews: 34
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I think many overlook this restaurant but it's one of the better food options in this area of the park.
Jane J
Joined: Apr 2017
Reviews: 8
Likes Received: 0
A surprising winner for Disney food at a quick service restaurant. Very good food and prices were reasonable.
Matt A
Joined: Feb 2013
Reviews: 803
Likes Received: 108
I've had several of the items here and always get good results. They also offer some good dessert items like baklava and a chocolate brownie and strawberry skewer. Yum. I've also enjoyed the Pesto Pasta (twice in one trip no less) and was surprised at how good it was (have them make it fresh for you!).

For me, it's a 4.5 star rating but you have to put that all in perspective because this is a quick service place, not a high end table service option, and it's still overpriced Disney food.
Sarah A
Joined: Apr 2015
Reviews: 43
Likes Received: 1
The steak and gyros here are really good and prices aren't terrible.
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