Jessie's Critter Carousell

3 stars from 3 reviews
Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Paradise Pier, Anaheim, CA 92802
It's a carousel just like any other. Wasted space.

• Type: Slow Moving • Height Requirements: None
• Extras: Level: All Ages / Family Friendly • Guest Per Car: 7+
• Access: Wheelchair & ECV Accessible

Matt Anderson's Take
Jessie's Critter Carousell used to be called King Triton's Carousel. You can dress up a carousel any way you want but it's still a plate that spins slowly.

As I've mentioned in my review of King Arthur Carrousel at Disneyland Park, I'm not a fan of carousels or merry-go-rounds in general. I don't get them, don't understand why anyone would want to ride one.

I suppose if you lived a hundred or more years ago that this sort of attraction would be quite the novelty but I don't how this sort of thing was fun when Disneyland opened in 1955. I appreciate that it is that old and part of the opening day attractions, but that doesn't make me like it.

The kids love it so I'll take one for the team here and ride along but it's nothing I'd ever hop on if there was a line or if I didn't have children. I'll give it one star simply because it's better than it being used for retail space and it sucks up a good crowd of people.
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Matt Anderson
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Matt A
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A complete waste of space. It's bad enough Disneyland wastes space with a carousel, do we really need two of these in the resort? No we don't.
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My kids and I love carousels! They are fun to ride and the line usually moves pretty fast.
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I love carousels and this is a fun one.
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