Soarin' Around The World

5 stars from 10 reviews
Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Condor Flats, Anaheim, CA 92802
Soarin' Around the World in a hang glider with gently movements, breezes, and even smells.

• Type: Dark Ride • Type: Movie / Show
• Type: Slow Moving • Height Requirements: 40" (102 cm)
• Extras: FastPass • Extras: Rider Switch (Baby Swap)
• Extras: Single Rider Line • Guest Per Car: 7+
• Access: Xfer From Wheelchair Or ECV • Ticket Type: E Ticket

Matt Anderson's Take
Soarin' Around the World, formerly Soarin' Over California, is so good that it got copied over at Epcot in Florida's Disney World. You board a hang glider (to you it's just a chair you sit in) that will raise up in the air and gently move in sync with a movie that plays on a huge screen.

You will end up around 45 feet in the air, but will be belted in the entire time, so if heights are an issue this may not be for you.

The sensation of flying is unbelievably good because, in addition to the movie and gentle movements of the ride vehicle, there is wind gently blowing in your face along with various scents pumped in. The music for the ride is also really well done and just fits in perfectly with the serenity of the experience.
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Matt Anderson
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Chong T
Joined: Jun 2018
Reviews: 12
Likes Received: 0
Would love to see more rides utilize this ride platform because it's such an amazing experience.
Joined: May 2018
Reviews: 25
Likes Received: 0
I love the feeling that you are really flying and how there are actually smells!
Jane J
Joined: Apr 2017
Reviews: 8
Likes Received: 0
I was blown away by Soarin. The sensation of flying is incredible.
Joined: Jan 2017
Reviews: 9
Likes Received: 0
The movie is showing its age but it's still an amazing experience. I could go on this 10 times in a row and still want more.
Annette W
Joined: Apr 2016
Reviews: 32
Likes Received: 3
I was raised in California and every time I write this ride it brings me back to so many memories. The fantastic thing that Disney did was add to our sense of smell. Not only are you soaring like your gliding over everything that's great about California but you can smell it as you go simply amazing and brilliant job Disney
Melody A
Joined: May 2015
Reviews: 17
Likes Received: 15
This ride was amazing! I think the worst part of it would be getting on the ride and starting to be lifted off your feet just to find out that you're stuck and the ride broke down but, besides for the ride breaking down; this ride is a bundle of joy. It takes you all over California! When you come to the oranges, make sure to take a sniff! Smell those oranges because they are there!
Dawn B
Joined: Apr 2015
Reviews: 27
Likes Received: 6
Wow, one of my modern favorites for sure.
Joined: Jul 2014
Reviews: 47
Likes Received: 10
This one scared me at first but now I love it. Really feels like you're flying, or soaring I guess I should say, over California. Movie is getting a little old though, time for a new movie.
Joined: Jul 2013
Reviews: 30
Likes Received: 9
Amazing! Nice and cool with a gentle breeze, makes me feel like I'm really soaring. I love the smells of the trees. Watch out for that golf ball!
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