Alice In Wonderland

4.5 stars from 4 reviews
Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Fantasyland, Anaheim, CA 92802
A classic Disney dark ride but it's showing its age.

• Type: Slow Moving • Height Requirements: None
• Extras: Scary For Small Kids • Guest Per Car: 4
• Guest Per Car: 5 • Access: Hearing Disability Services
• Ticket Type: B Ticket

Matt Anderson's Take
Alice in Wonderland should be a lot more fun that it is. Built in 1958, three years after Disneyland opened, means it's classic Disney. It's also a dark ride and those are usually fun. But this one just feels really boring and really outdated. It's overly simple, and not simple in that good-and-classic-Disney-way.

Hop on a little car, er caterpillar, and head down the rabbit hole into the topsy turvy Wonderland. This dark ride sets itself apart from other similar rides in the fact that it actually goes up to a second level and then runs around a track on the roof of the building but it feels bizarre and cheesy the whole time. It's more like something that belong at an amusement park or carnival, not a Disney park.

The Disney propaganda will talk about this ride is exclusive to Disneyland Park and won't be found anywhere else in the world. Okay, but this is a company that build awesome attraction that get duplicated to their other parks. So, if this ride isn't being copied maybe there's a good reason for that, because it's boring.

It has a slow loading process as well so if the line is long come back later or skip it.

I know that Disney purists are smelling blood in the water at this point but nostalgia for nostalgias sake isn't always a good thing. Not everything that Walt touched turn to gold, just most of it.
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Matt Anderson
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Kong H
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I'm not usually big on nostalgia but for Alice I'll make an exception. I've always like this ride and I think it's gotten better with age (and updates).
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Take a ride in a caterpillar and follow Alice through her adventures down the rabbit hole. I love this ride as it goes through the Story of Alice in Wonderland.
Dawn B
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Another classic ride that I just love each time.
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