Snow White's Scary Adventures

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Address 1313 Disneyland Dr, Fantasyland, Anaheim, CA 92802
A classic Disney dark ride.

• Type: Dark Ride • Type: Slow Moving • Height Requirements: None • Extras: Disney Classic • Extras: Level: All Ages / Family Friendly
• Extras: Loud Noises • Extras: Scary For Small Kids • Guest Per Car: 3 • Access: Hearing Disability Services • Access: Xfer From Wheelchair Or ECV
• Ticket Type: C Ticket

Snow White's Scary Adventures is a classic Disney dark ride. Board a mine cart ride vehicle and take a two minute tour through the cottage and mines of the Seven Dwarfs and then on to scarier locations. It's far from scary, but smaller children might be a bit spooked by the loud noises and dark areas.

Overall it's good fun even if it is quite outdated and far too short.