Six Tips To Gain A Free Hour Each Day

Six Tips To Gain A Free Hour Each Day
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Follow these six simple tips to gain an extra hour of free time each day.

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Running a small business and finding that you're life has become busier and more hectic than it was before you ran the show? Follow our six simple tips and gain an extra free hour, or more, each day.

1: Block Websites & Social Media

One of the biggest time sucks for so many people these days is social media and random website browsing. We all feel like we have to see what everyone is up to and what the current news and weather is dozens of times daily. Why? It's just wasting your time and making you less productive. If you lack the willpower to do this on your own (and you shouldn't) you can track down a Chrome plugin or phone app to block these sites for you. But really, just act like an adult and don't visit them during the day. It really is that simple. If you use them for your work, schedule a few times daily to use them just for work rather than checking frequently. For more on this, be sure to also read Easily Kick Your Smartphone Addiction, Top Reasons To Quit Facebook Now, and Five Habits Of Successful People.

2: Delegate

It's tough to delegate to others when you own a business. We tend to want everything done the right way and, naturally, only we know the right way. You have to get beyond the idea that others aren't as capable as you. Give your workers the chance to prove you wrong and do the job properly. If they don't, correct them and have them try again.

3: Focus On One Task

If you're a business owner then chances are good you're a multitasker. That's a great skill to have and one that will be required often. But whenever possible, focus on a single task (no matter how small) and get it done before thinking about or working on the next task. This is far more efficient and avoids your task list from getting longer rather than shorter.

4: Automation Is Key

Throughout your day and week, make a list of things that you do repeatedly. Now see which of those tasks can be automated in some way. Are you taking written notes for something? Maybe a task app on your computer will be more efficient. Online software today can help automated everything from employee hours worked, to paying bills, and beyond. Automation is the key to freeing up a lot of your time. If it can't be automated, maybe it can be delegated (see #2 above).

5: Make Daily Task Lists

Make a task list for the items you need to do everyday or week. These can be automated reminders via a calendar / scheduling app or just a list of tasks that you have printed out and ready to check off each morning. Try doing the tasks in order of time, with those requiring the least amount of time being done first. Cross each off your list as you complete it. This is a good mental trick that gives you the satisfaction of completing tasks very quickly and then the motivation to keep the train moving forward. My daily tasks used to take me 3-4 hours which I would do randomly throughout the day. After switching to this technique I can get all of my daily to-do items done in less than 2 hours first thing in the morning.

6: Something Is Better Than Nothing

It's easy to want every single part of your business to be done perfectly, right? That's a good general idea to have but you also have to balance that ideal with the reality of making progress and getting things done. If you're writing a book you'd better get it right so time spent in writing and checking it is important. But replying to an email doesn't need the same level of spelling and grammar checking.

Now What?

If you follow these tips you'll easily gain an extra hour in your day, so now what? What will you do with that extra time each day? You can invest it back into your work but it may be smarter, and healthier, to use it for some personal time each time. Get outside for some exercise and fresh air. Go to a park and meditate for a while. The choice is yours but life can't all be about working and business.

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