How To Use Instagram On Pc & Mac

How To Use Instagram On PC & Mac
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The easiest way to use Instagram on your PC or Mac laptop or desktop without any app downloads.

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For some dumb reason, Instagram developers only want you to use their Instagram app on your smartphone. While they have a very scaled down website, it lacks most of the important features of the mobile app. But what if you want to post photos from your desktop or laptop PC or Mac instead? There is a very simple solution!

If you're not already using Google Chrome as your browser go ahead and download and install it as we'll be using that in this example. Other browsers may offer similar features but this tutorial uses Chrome.

Step 1: Developer Tools

Open Chrome and go to Now, open Developer Tools. To do this, click the Chrome settings menu at the top right of Chrome (those 3 dots). Then go down to "More Tools" and then click on "Developer Tools". The keyboard shortcut for this on PC is CTRL + SHIFT + I (on Mac it's CMD + SHIFT + I).

Step 2: Mobile Browser

We now need to tell Chrome to display the site we're on (Instagram in our case) as a mobile site rather than a desktop site. You should only have to do this once and it should remember your settings next time. Click the phone icon near the top right of Chrome, see image above, to to go into mobile mode.

Step 3: Responsive Mode

See the image above, make sure that drop down box is on Responsive. Alternatively, you could select a phone of your choice like iPhone or whatever phone screen size you are used to.

Step 4: Refresh

Things are looking good but there is one last important step to take and that's to refresh the page. Use the refresh icon near the top left of your Chrome browser or hit F5. Once Instagram reloads the page you will now see the various icons you are used to seeing on the mobile app, including the "new post" button. See above image.

Pretty cool, right? Of course, this will work on any website that has a mobile version as well. You can close Developer Tools at any time by click the X button near the top right. Then refresh to make things look normal again.