Fix For Vex Battery Blinking Red

Here's how to fix a blinking red light on your VEX rechargeable battery.

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Matt Anderson's Take
A VEX battery charger that blinks red when a rechargeable battery is plugged in indicates a faulty battery. In some cases this could mean a dead battery that needs to be replaced with a new VEX battery.

In some cases, however, it may be possible to get your battery working again. The problem is that a blinking red light indicates a battery that is faulty and cannot be charged. But if your battery pack is completely dead (if it sat around too long without any power in it) then the VEX battery charger will see this as a fault and refuse to charge it.

The solution, in some cases, is to get a small charge into your battery. Just enough so that the VEX battery charger will realize it's not completely uncharged and thus will attempt to charge it as usual. The easiest way to get a tiny amount of electricity into your battery is to use one of the VEX motors as a generator.

Before you continue: Do know that following our instructions may cause problems. It could destroy your battery, start a fire, void your VEX warranty, or start World War III. We are not responsible for what you do or what happens when you do whatever it is you plan to do. This did work for us, but it may not work for you. Follower beware!

We simply hooked up a VEX motor to the #1 port on the VEX brain and attached our dead battery to the brain as well. We then placed a small VEX bit (a gear, plate, etc will work) onto the motor. We slowly cranked the motor, which is now acting like a generator, around several times (5-6 times). As we did the brain would light up briefly since it was receiving electricity. Some of that electricity flowed back into the battery.

The battery was then disconnected and plugged into the charger where it began to charge normally. Once fully charged, the battery worked just fine and continued to take further charges. Once your battery is working again, make sure to keep it fully charged rather than completely draining. Otherwise, you may need to go buy a new VEX battery.
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