How To Start Fallout 4 Far Harbor Dlc

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Simple instructions on how to start the new Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4.

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Anytime a new DLC comes out it seems like we're all asking the same question which is how to start or load the new DLC. This time is no different and I know many of us are asking, "How do I start the Far Harbor DLC for Fallout 4?"

Well, here's your answer and it applied to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC:

  1. Buy and download the DLC first of course!

  2. Make sure you've already worked with Nick Valentine.

  3. Listen to Valentine's Detective Agency Radio on your pip-boy's radio tab.

  4. Head to Nick's detective agency in Diamond City and talk to Ellie (Nick's assistant) to start the new Far From Home quest.

  5. You'll now head towards the northeast edge of the map where you'll find the Nakano Residence.

  6. Go inside and talk to Mr. Nakano to get more details.

  7. Follow the quest as usual and explore this new area.

The most common issue with Fallout 4 DLC is that it's not installed by default and won't auto-install itself. If you can't get the Far From Home mission to start (it should just pop up automatically) it's because you do not have the Far Harbor DLC installed.

To see if it is installed, head to the main menu and select "Add Ons" from the list. You'll see all DLC options here so go down to the Far Harbor option. Under the image it must say "Installed" under it. If you don't see the word "Installed" then it's not installed. In that case, go to the online store area for Fallout 4 and then find the DLC options in there to download and install.