How To Hide The "Get Windows 10" Icon

How To Hide The
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Excited about Windows 10 but annoyed by that new Get Windows 10 icon in your task bar? Here's how to remove it.

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If you're running Windows on your PC then you may have noticed a new icon on your task bar. This new icon will get you a copy of Windows 10 for free, which is great. But once you've registered for the new copy you'll realize that you won't see it until after July 29, 2015.

Unfortunately, the icon doesn't go away after you register for your copy of Windows 10. But there is an easy way to make this task bar icon, or any task bar icon, disappear. Following along!

Step 1
Right click on an empty area of your task bar (that main bar, usually at the bottom of your screen). Then select Properties from the menu that appears.

Step 2
A window will pop up. Click the button that reads Customize.

Step 3
Another window will appear. Look for the entry that reads "GWX Get Windows 10". To the right of that will be a drop down box that you can change to the "Only show notifications" option.

Step 4
Click Okay on that window and the other popup from Step 2. That's it! The Get Windows 10 icon will dissapear (at least until it wants to notify you of something, like the Windows 10 upgrade being ready to install).