Xbox One Stereo Headset Review

Xbox One Stereo Headset Review
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Are the Microsoft Xbox One headphones worth the price?

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I've been wanting to use my Bose noise canceling headphones (affiliate link) with my Xbox One (affiliate link) for a while now. For starters, the sound quality of headphones better than TV speakers. But the real issue is all that swearing my character does in GTA V (affiliate link). Turns out the wife isn't so found of the kids picking up on the 4 letter goodness.

All I wanted was this adapter for my Xbox One controller (affiliate link) so I could plug in my headphones. Seems like this should have been possible out-of-the-box, but it isn't. The adapter you need is around $25.

That's a little pricey for what it is. What's worse is that for around $15-20 more you can get an entire over-the-ear stereo headset with the adapter. I didn't need new cans, but what the heck. I bought the whole package (affiliate link).

I'm glad I did. I expected cheap headphones, but as is typical with Microsoft hardware, the product is excellent. The sound quality is amazing, the fit is perfect. It even has a nice microphone for you multi-player fans.

All this for under $45 shipped to my door (affiliate link)? Thank you Amazon Prime! This is a great headset for the money. Are they as good as my Bose? No, but considering they're not noise canceling they do a great job of killing outside sounds.

Two big thumbs up here.