Xbox One Stereo Headset Review

Xbox One Stereo Headset Review
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Are the Microsoft Xbox One headphones worth the price?

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I've been wanting to use my Bose noise canceling headphones with my Xbox One for a while now. For starters, the sound quality of headphones better than TV speakers. But the real issue is all that swearing my character does in GTA V. Turns out the wife isn't so found of the kids picking up on the 4 letter goodness.

All I wanted was this adapter for my Xbox One controller so I could plug in my headphones. Seems like this should have been possible out-of-the-box, but it isn't. The adapter you need is around $25.

That's a little pricey for what it is. What's worse is that for around $15-20 more you can get an entire over-the-ear stereo headset with the adapter. I didn't need new cans, but what the heck. I bought the whole package.

I'm glad I did. I expected cheap headphones, but as is typical with Microsoft hardware, the product is excellent. The sound quality is amazing, the fit is perfect. It even has a nice microphone for you multi-player fans.

All this for under $45 shipped to my door? Thank you Amazon Prime! This is a great headset for the money. Are they as good as my Bose? No, but considering they're not noise canceling they do a great job of killing outside sounds.

Two big thumbs up here.