Shark Fin Cove / Shark Tooth Beach (Davenport Cove)

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Address Hwy 1, Davenport, CA 95017
An enormous rock formation resembling a shark's fin fronts a small cove near Davenport.

• Sand Type: White • Parking: Good / Plenty

Full Description
Just shy of a mile south of the small town of Davenport (according to my Google Maps) is one of Santa Cruz County's hidden treasures. It looks like a fabled area from Lord of the Rings. A protected cove sits below the tall coastline cliffs with a ginormous protruding rock formation that looks uncannily like a shark's fin. When I first came upon seeing it, I uttered a "whoooaaa" under my breath. It looks other worldly. Or at least Mordor worldly.

If you get lost trying to find it, locals may refer to it as "Davenport Cove". The first time I visited I went to Davenport Landing, which is not even close to where this is at.

Like all of the coastline in Northern California, there is no magic for it's formation. For thousands of years, the eroding coastline has created some dramatic scenery. The power of the ocean's crashing surf combined with earthquakes and erosion have gifted us with this beautiful cove.

To the right of the cove looking at the Shark Fin is a walkable sea cave. It too is a beautiful geologic wonder, but do not attempt to walk through it during surging conditions. One day this cave too will collapse as has twin bridges, and other arcs. But for now, we can enjoy it. Bring your camera - great spot for photography.

Grayson G
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I do not come to this beach very often, but when I do it is full of beauty and adventure. The beach is usually really windy and cold, so I got to take pictures of the landscape and not to swim. The beach is really cool because there is a giant rock in the water and it is shaped as a shark fin.
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