Netflix Launches Fast.Com Speed Tester

Netflix Launches Speed Tester
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A brand new and simple to use Internet speed testing site from Netflix.

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Netflix just released a brand new website that will show you how fast your Internet connection speed is in real time. This new service isn't intended to be a high-end, data-filled site but instead a very dumbed down and super fast way to check your Internet download speed.

Just head over to on any computer or device and you'll see your download speed displayed after just a few seconds. It's done really well and doesn't require any app or button clicks at all. The idea is that if your watching Netflix and things aren't streaming so well then you can head to and see if it's your Internet connection that's the issue or not. If it is you have one more reason to complain to your ISP.

Why this isn't just built into the Netflix app, smart TV apps, and/or just on the home page is anybody's guess. Assuming you can remember yet another .com, it's a great way for a super fast speed check.