Last Chance For Free Windows 10 Upgrade

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Get a free copy of Windows 10 before it's too late!

Users of Microsoft's Windows 7 or 8.1 operating system have been entitled to free upgrade to Windows 10 for quite some time now. You've probably seen the notifications or even had your computer schedule the upgrade without you even realizing it.

But that's all about to end. After July 29, 2016 the Windows 10 operating system will no longer be free. If you get it for free before that deadline it will remain free for that computer you installed it on for good. If you don't upgrade by that date you'll need to pay for an upgrade should you later decide to upgrade.

So, should you upgrade? Yes! While some people make a big deal about this new OS being forced onto your PC, there's likely no reason you'd want to keep using an older copy of Windows. Windows 10 really isn't all that different from Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 will continue to be updated, improved, and made more secure.

Over time, older versions of Windows will stop being supported and stop being updated which will leave them less secure. There really is no debate here, go grab your free copy of Windows 10 now!