The Grand Tour: Staring Clarkson, May, & Hammond

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Finally, Top Gear's old cast of Clarkson, May, and Hammond gets a title on Amazon's Prime Video service.

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Are you a fan of Top Gear? Obviously, I mean the REAL Top Gear, the UK version. Were you devastated when Clarkson got fired and then further devastated to find out all 3 of the main crew were gone, only to be replaced by new faces?

Then we heard that Amazon hired the guys to film a brand new, but still car focused, show. Exciting times and finally a reason to use that Amazon Prime Video service we all have but don't need because Netflix is so much better. In fact, with so much great content now is a great time to be a cord cutter (see Television Cord Cutting).

Back to the new show as Amazon just confirmed the title which is The Grand Tour. A pretty fitting name considering the new show will travel the globe and host each episode in a different country. I'm sure we can expect a lot of the same hilarity that we loved from Top Gear and I'm betting that this will be a huge success from Amazon as long as they let these guys be their normal, politically non-correct selves (racial slurs and all). After all, it's these three characters that made Top Gear what it is.

We have an update with the date The Grand Tour will air on Amazon Prime Video! Drum roll please... November 18, 2016. But before you get too excited know that only the first episode comes out on that date. The remaining episodes will air one per week on Friday nights. Ugh, guessing most will just wait a few more months and binge all at once.

Apparently, nobody told Amazon that the entire point of a streaming service is to get all of the episodes out at once so we can choose when we want to watch them. Between this level of non-sense, the lack of free stuff to watch on their service in general, and their horrible user interface, it's pretty obvious why Netflix has nothing to fear from this giant. Oh Amazon, won't you just try Netflix one time? You'll see how well it works, how easy it is to use, and then you can copy their ideas properly so you have a video service that's worth our time.