Infomercial Mania: How To Curb The Urge To Spend

Infomercial Mania: How to Curb the Urge to Spend
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Don't left this strange addiction take over your life!

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You found this article just in time. You and thousands of other poor souls may have fallen victim to an addictive disorder caused by television sets across the country. Are you mysteriously drawn to infomercials that advertise the latest cooking gadget or abs toner? If so, then hide your wallet – you may be permanently addicted to buying products labeled "As Seen on TV."

Don't be embarrassed if you have this condition. You're not alone. Many people put their lives on pause when a popular infomercial appears on television. It can be thrilling to watch a live demonstration of the newest gadgets that are designed to make life easier. Do you love Italian food? Don't wait for pasta to cook on the stove. There's a unique microwave pot that works a lot quicker. The Pasta Boat can boil spaghetti noodles in a few minutes. Remember, the less time you spend in the kitchen, the more time you have to watch infomercials.

If you have infomercial mania, tell someone. He or she will either tell you that you're crazy, or place an order. Enlist your family and friends to become your support system. Hopefully, your true friends will tell you if your butt's too big and you need to order Pajama Jeans sent via FedEx.

Learn as much as you can about this addiction. Infomercials can be hypnotic. Your wallet will be a lot fuller if you're on the alert and you don't succumb to every temptation to buy. Here are some facts that may help you curb the urge to spend. You'd better sit down. This is not a drill.

Infomercial mania is contagious

It's believed that the urge to buy "As Seen on TV" products can afflict all ages, genders, nationalities and income levels. Be especially mindful when your children are monopolizing the television. If you're not careful; one of your cherubs may grab your credit card and order a Retro Snow Cone Maker.

Infomercial mania is an obsession that can cost you a lot of money

The compulsion to buy infomercial products can cost you hundreds of dollars each year. Do you really need that Shake Weight as a gag gift for your boss? The best thing you can do is recognize that you have this disorder and try not to break the bank. Remember, it's more important to put food on the table than to buy every infomercial product you see on television.

Infomercial mania can lead to hoarding

Don't become the next television reality star made famous by living in a house full of junk. Be discriminating about the infomercial products that you buy. Some "As Seen on TV" products are very useful, others are a little odd. You may find yourself wondering how the manufacturers found such wacky products to sell. Have you heard about the Robo Stir? Would you be embarrassed if your neighbors saw it on your kitchen counter? Seriously, if you can't stir a sauce yourself, your arm better be in a sling.

All of you crazies who suffer from infomercial mania, there is hope. You can still live a long and happy life. There's no need to go to any support meetings and no need to wear a patch of any kind. The best advice is to be diligent about your spending. Do your homework. Ask yourself if you really do need the Deal of the Day. Now go get on a Bender Ball and burn some calories!