Magnetic Door Catch

Magnetic Door Catch
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Toss that door wedge in the trash, this is a much better way to avoid having the wind slam your doors shut.

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If you live any place that can get even a little bit windy then you know how annoying it is to have doors slamming shut throughout the day. Even when it isn't windy a gentle breeze can be enough to slam shut the doors inside your house.

The common solution is to use something to hold the door open or a door wedge but that requires bending over to put the wedge in an again to remove it when you want to close the door. In my case, our kids never remember to put the wedge in so we get treated to a random door slam in the middle of the day. Wedges work but there is a much better solution.

Enter the magnetic door catch (affiliate link). You can buy magnetic door catches at (affiliate link). There are different styles to choose from and they usually cost around $8 to $12 each.

These will replace the little door bumper you have in place now. You know, that little peg (often made of a spring) that is either attached to the back of your door or the molding on your wall. It stops the door from bashing through the wall when it is opened.

You'll remove those and replace them with magnetic catches instead. The magnetic catch will do the same job of make sure the door doesn't damage your wall but it does double duty as it will also hold the door in the open position.

It's very easy to install them and most should come with the screws you need. You just attach one part to the wall or molding and the other part to the back of the door.

Matt's Top Tip: Put the longer part on the back of the door and the stubby part on the wall, this makes vacuuming easier! See image below:

You'll need a screwdriver and a hand drill with a small bit so you can make some pilot holes where the screws will go when drilling into a wood door or molding. The entire job just takes a few minutes.

I've put these on every single door in my house and the wind no longer acts as an automatic door closer. The other upside is that our Roomba (see Roomba 880 Review) no longer closes the door and locks itself in closets. These would also be handy if you have pets who tend to get locked in rooms or closets.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy a couple magnetic door catches (affiliate link) and stop those slamming doors for good.