How To Make Homemade Slime

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This recipe is so easy to make that your kids can do most of the work.

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Slime is so much fun to play with, but buying it at the store is expensive for the little amount you get. Why not make it at home for pennies.


  • 1/2 tsp Borax

  • 1 cup Warm water

  • 4oz Bottle of glue(white or clear)

  • Two bowls

  • Food Coloring

  • Whisk

  • Spoon


  • In one bowl mix 3oz warm water with the glue and mix till smooth.

  • Add food cloring in your choice of color and mix.

  • In the other bowl mix 6oz of warm water with the Borax till the Borax is disolved.

  • Add the glue mixture to the Borax mixture. Using your hands mix the slime till smooth.

  • Store slime in plactic baggy.

I hope your kids enjoy playing with their homemade creation! For step by step directions, just watch our kid friendly how-to video below.