Top Dirtiest Things In Your Home

Top Dirtiest Things In Your Home
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Your house is filled with nasty items that are dirtier than your toilet seat. Want to know what they are?

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We live in filth. It's everywhere and all around us at all times. Keeping a clean house is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick but there are a variety of items in your home right now that you're not even thinking to clean. Read on for our list of top dirtiest items in your home.

Cleaning Rags & Sponges
Something we often forget about are the actual rags and sponges and other cleaning supplies we use to clean. These get incredibly filthy and should be washed often. Wash your dish sponge in your dishwasher each time you run it for an easy clean. Rags should go in the laundry, often.

Cutting Boards
These are a necessity for cooking but also tend to really hold onto dangerous germs, bacteria, mold, and yeasts. These should be washed after each use. If you cut meat or poultry be sure to wash it thoroughly before using it to cut other items.

Purses & Handbags
The grab handle on a purse or handbag gets very dirty and it goes well beyond your hand sweat. Your hands touch all sorts of germs while you're out and about that you then transfer to your bag. If you sit your bag down at a restaurant or store, all of those germs then get on your bag as well. Take it home and set it on your table or counter and you might as well have gone out and asked a dozen strangers to come and sneeze right on your kitchen surfaces.

Toilet Base
We all know to clean our toilets, or I hope we do. But are you also cleaning the base of the toilet? The bottom line is that these areas tend to collect urine (and other) splatters and don't get cleaned as often as the seat and rim. The same applies to the floor area around the toilet. All of this also applies to your kitty litter box and surrounding areas.

Pet Bowls
These things get absolutely filthy since it's so easy to forget about Fido's food and water bowls. If your pet also licks the toilet seat or drinks toilet water, they're bringing all of that filth back to their food bowls as well. This is also a good reason why you should stop kissing your pet, it's just gross.

Remote Controls
When was the last time you cleaned your TV remote, game controllers, and electronic remote controls? Never you say? Gross I say! These things are full of all sorts of nasties. Get a wet wipe and clean those things off each week.

Knobs & Switches
Our filthy hands touch all sorts of gross things on a daily basis. Then we come home and grab the doorknob to get in, touch the light switch to turn the light on, and grab drawer and cabinets knobs. In that process, we transfer filth to those items that we later pick back up. This is why you should always wash your hands every time you come home from anywhere. Get your kids into this habit as well. And why you should clean your knobs and switches every week.

Faucet Handles
Good for you, you wash your hands a lot! But think about every time you come to the sink to wash those filthy paws of yours. What do you do first? Yup, you touch the faucet handle to turn on the water. Now the faucet has germs on it, often toilet related germs, and you'll be touching it again right after you wash your hands. So clean that thing every week.

Computer Keyboard & Mouse
This could be a desktop computer or a laptop, either way, they're filthy and should be clean often. Don't forget about the one at work, too! In fact, these are likely to be among the grossest of the gross items in your home but maybe not as gross as the next one.

Of all of the gross items, we come in contact with, few would be more disgusting than the one item we touch and use the most. Our beloved smartphone. We take it everywhere, we touch it all the time. We're transferring germs onto it all day long, and pulling them back off onto our clean hands.

I'm sure you're not a filthy person who would ever use a cellphone in a bathroom, are you? Of course not, but make sure your "friend" stops doing that because it's gross. Then have "her" clean it. Always wash hands before eating, and never use that smartphone during your meal. Ignore that advice and you'll be putting some really gross stuff (including fecal matter) in your mouth. Besides, it's just bad table manners to use a phone at the dining table.