How To Enjoy The Holidays Without The Hassle

How to Enjoy The Holidays Without The Hassle
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You can make it through the holidays with limited stress.

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The holidays are a great time to bring family and friends together but it also brings chaos and stress before December. With party invitations left and right, Christmas shopping on the brain and wondering what to make for Christmas dinner, it can leave you frazzled! The holidays can be a lot of work if you’re not sure how to organize your time. The following are 4 excellent tips to keep the holidays hassle free.

Plan your gift shopping and cut the time in half

Going out last minute and buying everything is never a good plan. Create a list that stays in your holiday budget. It’s tempting to buy extra goodies for loved ones but stick to what you have on the list. Cross off the item once you’ve purchased it. It’s a great idea to keep the list and all the receipts in one envelope. Choose certain days in the week when you’re not pressed for time to go shopping. Don’t go on your lunch breaks or before you have to pick up your children from school. Do it right the first time so you don’t end up having to return anything or forgetting items.

Limit social invitations to only those you really want to attend

Many people feel obligated to attend every social engagement thrown by co-workers, friends and family. Choose social events that you can easily work into your schedule. Don’t feel guilty if you have to turn people down. Remember, there is the rest of the year to see them!

Gift wrapping may seem like a chore if you’re pressed for time

Choose a day that will allow you to wrap presents without being interrupted. Set up a space in your home just for gift wrapping. This can be a spare room or set up on a dining table. Make sure you have all the essentials such as scissors, tape, wrapping paper, bows, gift tags and gift bags. This will ensure that you don’t have to run out and pick up more supplies in the middle of wrapping. Start with the easiest items to wrap such as boxed items. For smaller items, opt for tissue paper and gift bags to speed the process.

Preparing Christmas dinner can be less stressful if you prep the dinner menu weeks beforehand

Write the planned dinner menu so you can see what ingredients you will need. Make and freeze the dishes that you can. This includes appetizers and desserts. Chop and freeze the necessary fruits and vegetables for recipes you have to prepare the day of dinner. Stock up on ingredients weeks before the dinner party. Don’t wait until last minute to buy the turkey. Most grocery stores will increase the price for last minute shoppers. Get the best picks a month before your dinner party.