Stop And Think Before You Rent That Truck

Stop and Think Before You Rent That Truck
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Here are a few things to consider before renting a truck for moving or hauling.

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If you're a do it yourself type of person, a truck rental can be a great way to accomplish a move or bring home a large piece of furniture. However, it's not something that you can just dive into without planning. Stop and think about the following things before renting your truck to avoid a truck rental disaster.

Does Your Insurance Cover It?

When you rent a car, you can usually rely on your own car insurance policy to cover your liability in an accident and your credit card to cover any damage to the car. Truck rentals are almost always excluded from personal vehicle insurance policies as well as credit card coverage.

Before you rent a truck, it won't hurt to see if you do already have coverage. However, the rental truck company's coverage will almost always be a wise investment. Without it, you may be on the hook for the cost of the truck if you get into an accident or you may be guilty of the crime of driving without valid insurance.

What's the Right Size?

The old rule of measure twice, cut once applies to truck rentals as well. This is especially true if you're moving items over a long distance and multiple trips aren't an option.

When sizing the truck, you'll need to consider all dimensions -- length, width, and height. Even if the volume of the truck is more than enough to cover the volume of the items you're moving, think about whether that measurement includes stacking items in a way that isn't actually realistic. While you may be tempted to just go too big for safety, think about how you'll keep your items from sliding around and being damaged as well.

How Will You Get Stuff In and Out?

Fitting everything into the truck is only half the battle. You also have to get your things into the truck.

Remember that most trucks have doors that are several feet off the ground. If you're transporting items that are already difficult to lift just to move them around, lifting them high enough to get them into the truck, and getting them back down safely could be next to impossible. Be sure to find a truck with a lift or ramp to avoid breaking your belongings or your back during your move.

Are you ready to make your reservation or do you need more help picking the right truck? Contact your local truck rental company today.