High Time Premium Herb Grinder Review

High Time Premium Herb Grinder Review
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Product review of the Premium Herb Grinder from High Time.

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This is a review of the Premium Herb Grinder (affiliate link) from a company called High Time. That's right, an herb grinder. Hmm. Clearly when the company is called High Time they have other uses in mind for this neat little grinder. But it's supposed to grind herbs and spices in addition to "weed" so I'll review it based on the herb grinding abilities alone.

The build quality is really good on this thing. It looks like a quality item and the black anodizing is well done. I didn't see any sharp metal bits left from the milling process or anything like that. The top is held on with a magnet and works well. It's like the Mag Light of Herb Grinders and feels like the handle of a Mag Light flashlight. Between the main grinder parts is a plastic washer so you aren't scraping off the black anodizing, a nice touch.

The bottom chamber is a pollen catcher. If you're a stoner then you'll know this as your kief catcher. I had to Google that to learn the name. If you're grinding herbs I doubt you're looking for the pollen but you'll end up with herb dust down there that you likely won't need. In the World of Weed, that dust is the kief and apparently you don't want to just toss it in the trash. So it comes with the world's smallest scraper that's downright adorable. But it all seems to work as advertised.

Pop your herbs in the top and grind away. Well, sort of. I tried some fresh herbs and they weren't nearly dry enough for the grinder and just sort of made a mess. So I dried some out and then they grind up very easily. The only real issue is the size as you can't grind all that much at a time. Again, for normal herbs this is a little annoying but the stoner crowd likely isn't grinding more of their product than this thing can hold.

The packaging is really well done too. The box is nice and it comes with a little travel bag. Nice, but it all feels like you'll just toss that stuff in a drawer and forget about it.

Is it worth the nearly $50 price tag? If you're using it as spice grinder then probably not. There are better and cheaper ways to grind herbs and spices when it comes to cooking. For the weed crowd, I could see that it has far more value. Still, at $50 it seems too pricey. Assuming the 50% off sale price on Amazon.com (affiliate link) is one of those never ending sales, then I could see that this is more of a value for that crowd. $25 seems like a fair price, but $50 seems too high.

So what's the bottom line? If I reviewed it just as an herb grinder for kitchen use I cannot recommend it. It's too small for that type of use. If you're into the Mary Jane then I could see the value at the $25 price point. Combine all of that and I'll give this a 4 star overall rating. If you want it, you can buy one here (affiliate link).

NOTE: I was approached by this company to purchase this item for $1 in exchange for a review of my honest thoughts. These are my honest thoughts.