Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis
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Is reverse osmosis water better than tap and bottled water? Can I get it in my home? Read on to find out.

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Reverse Osmosis is one of those processes that are widely used all over the globe, but not that many people know about it. So, what is Reverse Osmosis and how does it influence our lives?

This is a technology pertaining to water purification which uses a semipermeable membrane in order to remove the larger particles from the drinking water. During this process, pressure is applied directly onto the water in order to overcome the osmotic pressure.

What makes Reverse Osmosis great is the fact that it can remove a multitude of ions and molecules from water, especially bacteria, something that makes it one of the best methods for purifying water. After the process is complete, the solute gets retained in the membrane, more specifically in its pressurized side, whereas the solvent can pass towards the other side without a problem.

The entire process of applying external pressure all so that you can remove the natural water flow is called reverse osmosis. This is quite similar to a multitude of other membrane technology applications!

Is It Better Than Tap Water?

There are a few differences when it comes to Reverse Osmosis Water and tap water for example, because while the first offers a much better filtration system, the latter does not, and this means that Reverse Osmosis brings you a higher quality, pure water.

Some of the most popular applications for this process include seawater purification! In many parts of the world, reverse osmosis is being used to treat sea / ocean water and even waste water to make it completely safe and drinkable.

When it comes to comparing Reverse Osmosis Water with bottled spring water, in most cases the RO treated water will be better. Of course, many bottled waters these days are actually nothing more than municipal waters (aka, tap water) that has been filtered with RO and bottled.

Health Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Water

One of the main benefits of RO water is the fact that it's free of lead. During the RO process, all the lead gets removed and this means that you won't have to deal with problems like blood pressure, not to mention muscle damage and fertility issues.

At the same time, RO water is designed in order to be safe for cancer patients. This is a crucial thing if you suffer from this disease and want to drink healthy water! Moreover, the RO process filters Cryptosporidium, and this means that you won't have to deal with any water parasites either, something that's helpful in maintaining a healthy body.

With the help of Cryptosporidium you will have the ability to remove sodium from your body as well, something that's crucial if you want to avoid liver problems or an increase in blood pressure.

Reverse Osmosis For Your Home

RO technology has been around for a long time and it's even available in a small unit that you can easily add to your home. Many manufacturers offer small units that make around a gallon of RO water at a time and fit neatly under your kitchen sink. They provide a small RO water tap that allows you to easily and quickly fill a water glass or pot to cook with.

For most do-it-yourself types, installing is very easy. If you're not that type then hiring a plumber is the way to go. Most of the units on the market all do pretty much the same thing so what I look for is one that has an easy filter replacement system.

You see, most have filters that require you to unscrew a plastic housing to change filters. These are a huge pain to deal with and you'll end up making a mess and getting water all over your kitchen cabinets. Instead, go with one that offers smart change filters like Watts brand Reverse Osmosis system (affiliate link). Changing filters on this model takes seconds and you won't have more than a drop or two of water to deal with. It's a brilliant system and the best I've ever used. I've installed a few of these and have been living with them for several years now. These are the only kind I'll buy now. Amazon sells them for around $200 (affiliate link) so it will pay for itself since you'll never need to buy plastic water bottles or have a water deliver service ever again.


In conclusion, Reverse Osmosis water offers you one of the best choices that you can make if you want safe, pure and clean water. Don't hesitate and try it out right now, it's surely the best, highest quality water you can find right now on the market and you will definitely enjoy the amazing health benefits that it provides!