Top Uses For Dryer Sheets

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Dryer sheets have a variety of uses that go beyond the laundry room. Here's some of our favorites.

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I'm not a fan of using fabric softener or dryer sheets in the laundry. First, I don't like the so called "fresh" smells they add to my clothes. Second, I don't like all the added chemicals they add. Instead of using dryer sheets in the dryer, try using dryer balls instead. They're cheap and do a great job without the chemicals. Best of all, they can be used for years and years.

But that doesn't mean dryer sheets should just be tossed aside. Keep them handy because they're good for many other uses. Here is a list of our favorite uses for dryer sheets.

Clean Pans
Got pans with caked on food? Pop a new dryer sheet in the bottom, fill the pan with warm water, leave overnight. The next morning the food should be much easier to get off.

Freshen Stinky Shoes
Everybody experienced stink shoes at some point. Either your own pair or from somebody else. Cut or tear a new sheet in half, put one in each shoe, and by morning they'll smell like roses. Or, at least like your dryer sheets.

Polish Metals
Take a new or used sheet and use it to polish up your bathroom or kitchen fixtures. It may not get major deposits off but will polish most water spots up real nice.

Clean Paint Brushes
Got brushes with gunked on latex paint? Don't have paint thinner? Try putting a new dryer sheet into a cup of warm water and soak your brushes overnight. The next morning you should be able to easily get most of the dried paint off.

Keep Baseboard Clean Longer
It's amazing how much dust and hair that baseboard molding can collect. Next time you clean them, wipe them down with a new fabric softener sheet and they should stay clean longer.

Stinky Trash
Keep a new or used sheet at the bottom of your trash can. It should go under the bag so that it can stay in there for weeks or months. This will help keep your garbage smelling a little better.

Stink Closets & Basements
Got a stinky or musty smelling closet or basement? Try hanging a sheet somewhere to help with the smells. Of course, if the musty smell is from moisture then you'll want to get some DampRid in there too.

Keep Bugs Away
If you are dealing with lots of mosquitoes or no-see-ums, try stuffing a new sheet or two on your person. In the shoes or socks is a good place as is the back of a hat or shirt collar. Leave some sticking out for best results. The other option is to rub the sheets on your skin, but considering all the chemicals in them we'd advise against this.

Pack a new sheet with you in a zip top bag and pack it in your clothes. When you are leaving from your trip, pull the sheet out and pack it in the suitcase. It will keep those dirty clothes smelling a bit better. It can also be used in your hotel room if it doesn't smell very good.

Dusty Fans
Dryer sheets work well on many dust prone surfaces so they work well at cleaning fans. This could be a dusty desktop fan, ceiling fan, or even those small fans inside your computer.