Hot Glue Door & Drawer Bumpers

Hot Glue Door & Drawer Bumpers
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Tired of your cabinet doors and draws banging shut? Learn a simple at super cheap way to fix them.

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It seems like I replace those sticky rubber bumper pads on my cabinet doors and drawers far too often. I'll stick them on and it just weeks they move out of place. Eventually they've moved around enough to let the doors and drawers slam again.

Those rubber bumpers just don't work well and don't last. But hot glue works much better, is much cheaper, and is just as easy to install.

There are two ways to do this project, I'll explain both below. Either way, you'll need a hot glue gun (I like this low temp model) and glue sticks.

Glue Gun Beginner Method
If you don't use hot glue much then this is the easier way to go. Get yourself some wax paper and squirt blobs of hot glue onto it. You're going for a 1/4 inch diameter circle. Make several.

When they're dry, pop them off the wax paper. Apply a tiny dot of hot glue to the back / flat side and stick them where you want them. They should be near outer corners, in a spot where they will make contact with the cabinet frame.

I would suggest leaving the doors open for 30 minutes to completely dry out.

Glue Gun Pro Method
If you know your way around a glue gun you can skip the wax paper method and just put dots of hot glue right on your cabinet doors or drawers.

Just make small blobs of glue near the outer corners of your doors or drawers. Do this where they'll make contact with the cabinet frame.

I squirt some glue out, then using the glue gun tip swirl it around to make a nice circle. Put too much on and it will sag down.

Be sure to leave the doors and drawers open for 30 minutes to dry. Yes, the glue will dry to the touch in seconds but stays tacky for a while so better safe than sorry (since sorry will mean gluing your cabinets closed).