Meditation: A Beginners Guide

Meditation: A Beginners Guide
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What is meditation all about? How can it help you? Where do you begin? Read on to find out.

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What Is Meditation?

In simple words, Meditation is repetitively concentrating upon a particular thing for an extended period of time. Meditation is one of the best practices to uncover & discover who you truly are in a way which transcends your limited definitions of who you are and is based upon understanding how to enable the mind to become peaceful.

Meditation allows you to achieve a level of relaxation and deep thought. Meditation can be practiced in a variety of ways. Hence, it’s best to experiment to know what type of meditation will work for you the best.

5 Popular Types Of Meditation

1. Empty Mind Meditation
In empty mind meditation, you just need to sit in a still position, possibly in the lotus position, allowing your mind to roam wherever it wants. Allow it to go silent. In case thoughts start coming up, acknowledge them, allow them to disappear without thinking too much.

2. Mindfulness Meditation
This meditation allows you to become more alert of the present. You concentrate on what’s going on nearby and you start becoming more aware of each feeling and thought which comes into your mind during the process of meditation. In order to do this, you need to follow your breathe, then move your entire attention towards your thoughts as well as the feelings within your body (for instance tickling of the nose, tingling in the fingers etc.). In short, you become an observer and avoid judging or analyzing anything.

3. Meditation To Watch Your Breath
This might possibly be the easiest meditation type which even a beginner could carry out easily. Sit comfortably in your preferred position, then close the eyes and simply concentrate on your breathing. Do not force the breathing process, breathe as you would normally would and simply concentrate on it. Pay close attention to how the air goes through your nostrils, down towards the lungs, and how the entire process is reversed.

4. Om Meditation
In this meditation, you just concentrate on the word “Om” or any other mantra and just repeat it during the course of your meditation.

5. Walking Meditation
This is another powerful type of meditation. You can perform it inside your room or even outdoors. Simply concentrate on your body and see how it moves various organs in tandem or one at a time. Envision your arms and legs swinging. Concentrate on these. In case your mind starts wandering off, try to gently bring it back and concentrate on your walking. Don’t judge anything, just let it happen and continue with your meditation.

Benefits Of Practicing Meditation Regularly

Meditation is powerful enough to reduce most of your daily life struggles, for instance, sleep issues, depression, and increased weight. Meditation can lead you towards achieving better health, both mentally as well as physically. Modern science has proven that people who practice meditation on a day to day basis can fight diseases better than others.

People who practice meditation are often healthier in every aspect of their life. They often have stronger immune systems, less joint pain, balanced hormone levels, as well as normal blood pressure levels.

Meditation can help reduce the stress of the daily lifestyle. Stress could negatively impact your body and many people simply do not realize the bad effects of stress on their health.

Meditation also makes way for innovative ideas where you receive the guidance right from your inner self. It has been found that meditation can even improve your connectivity with other people due to increased level of self-confidence.

Today, you could easily find a number of books, CD's, and videos on this topic both online as well as offline. All you need to do is, pick any one of these and start practicing meditation on a daily basis. Within a short period of time, you will start experiencing the true potential of meditation in your life.