The Health Benefits Of Bee Pollen & Royal Jelly

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We've all heard of bee pollen, but did you know it has health benefits for humans? Find out how it and royal jelly can benefit your health.

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Bees are one of man's best friends. Although they carry a certain stigma, much like most insects, they could be more beneficial to humans thanks to the vital work the carry out on a daily basis. Bees pollinate essential food crops for humans, and it is estimated that as much as 30% of all food crops are pollinated by bees alone. Simply put, we in a lot of trouble without them. Plus, they provide us with a lot more too!

Honey is the obvious by product of bees, it is known for its many health benefits in its own right. Be sure to read 10 Benefits Of Honey That Are Sweeter Than Its Taste for more on honey. It doesn't stop there though, as more products are produced naturally from bees that can be used as healthy supplements for humans.

The first of these is bee pollen, which is gathered by honeybees and used as food for the hive, being its main source of protein. Secondly, there is royal jelly, a honeybee secretion that is created to nourish both larvae and queen bees in a hive. Both are naturally created by honeybees, and can extracted using certain methods that allow for human consumption.

That begs the question – what are the health benefits of bee pollen and royal jelly?

Royal Jelly

While there is still of lot of ground to be made studying the benefits of royal jelly, there is still plenty of research that goes towards supporting this product as a health supplement. It can be purchased at most health food stores or here at (affiliate link).

There are several uses for royal jelly, but it is still unclear how beneficial it can be as treatments for certain ailments, yet many use it for digestive benefits thanks to the large presence of living enzymes which are known to help balance your digestive system and any ailments caused by it.

Menopausal treatments are also thought to be beneficial when combined with royal jelly, as many products are beginning to do. These are thought to reduce the symptoms of menopause, increasing the sense of well-being for many women who are suffering from issues related to menopause.

Other potential benefits of using royal jelly include antioxidant properties, benefits to the skin such as anti-aging properties and even skin repair. Some of these require further testing and research to really see how far royal jelly can go for benefiting humans, one thing is for sure is that the potential is clearly there.

Bee Pollen

Not to be confused with royal jelly, bee pollen is a different by product of honey bees, but is thought to be as beneficial in its health properties. It contains some truly amazing nutrients, including vitamins, minerals and protein, and can be found in health supplements and other products such as skin softening.

Use as a skin soother would be the most obvious benefit due to the fact it is used in such products, like those used for babies and people who suffer from dry skin ailments such as eczema. This can be attributed to the high presence of vitamins and amino acids that promote healthy skin and cell regeneration.

It also provides a natural source of energy, which can be credited towards the high nutritional value within bee pollen. Carbohydrates, B vitamins and protein are all examples of energy boosting properties that give you that extra dose of energy and fights of any potential tiredness.

Another helpful benefit thought to be possible thanks to bee pollen is as a preventative for allergies, particularly hay fever. For this to be used successful, oral treatment will be required around 6 weeks leading into the season, maintaining consumption throughout the season too.

A process known as desensitization involves ingesting small amounts to allow the body time to naturally produce antibodies from the immune system that will hopefully prevent any sort of allergic reaction by the time the season starts to produce pollen. Ready to add it to your diet, you can buy some online here (affiliate link).