Marine Phytoplankton Health Benefits

Marine Phytoplankton Health Benefits
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See why marine phytoplankton can be good for your health.

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Sometimes the best things come in small packages - isn't that what the old adage says? Marine phytoplankton are just about as small as you can get. These single-celled organisms exist solely in the water but are responsible for creating the oxygen that 90% of the world's creatures live on. Until recently, little was known about marine phytoplankton and their nutritional benefits. It shouldn't surprise you, however, that the human body and phytoplankton seem to be made for each other. Human blood and sea water are actually extremely similar! What health benefits can be reaped from incorporating marine phytoplankton into your diet? Here are just seven of the many, many benefits of these superfoods:

A wide variety of vitamins and minerals
Phytoplankton have a stunning array of vitamins and minerals. For being so tiny and seemingly insignificant, they are one of the most vitamin and mineral rich foods on the planet.

Blood sugar stabilization
Marine phytoplankton, like most living organisms (including humans) are mostly water. They provide a high level of nutrition while also providing the lipids that the body needs in order to stay hydrated. These two functions make them ideal for stabilizing blood sugar and combating both hyper and hypoglycemia.

Supports brain health
The vitamins and minerals play a role in supporting and even enhancing brain function. These tiny organisms have been credited with alleviating many of the symptoms of ADHD, dementia, and other neurological conditions.

Supports eye health
Because of their extremely high lutein content, phytoplankton can support eyesight. There is just about no other source that can provide the same concentration of eyesight-supporting vitamins and minerals.

Can alleviate joint pain and soreness
High potassium levels make these organisms perfect for alleviating pain associated with working out and inflammation. For those suffering from arthritis and other inflammation-related conditions, a daily dose of phytoplankton can help to combat pain.

Boost the immune system
When the body is not spending most of its energy just trying to survive, and when it has the right nutrition, it can spend more energy on supporting the immune system. Marine phytoplankton can provide that nutrition and boost the body's immune system.

Relieve psoriasis and other skin irritations
Just as it can relieve inflammation inside the body, phytoplankton can relieve irritation on the surface of the skin.

Keep in mind that these are only a few of the many health benefits phytoplankton can provide! Want to add marine phytoplankton to your diet? The easiest way is to take them as a supplement in pill form. I recommend shopping at your local supplement store or buying them online here at (affiliate link).