Epsom Salt Bath

Epsom Salt Bath
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Let Epsom Salt soothe away your pain.

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Epsom Salt has been used for hundreds of years to soothe body aches and pains. Containing magnesium and sulfate, it gets absorbed through your skin. Which helps to reduce inflammation, while helping muscle and nerve functions.

2 cups Epsom Salt
Lavender essential oil

Fill bathtub with warm to hot water (not too hot, you need to be able to stay in for 15 to 20 minutes). Add the Epsom salt while the water is running to help dissolve the salt.

Then add five to ten drops of Lavender essential oil. Lavender aids in relaxation. But you can add any scent that you want.

Relax in the bath for fifteen to twenty minutes for maximum magnesium absorption.

For the added benefit of moisturizing your skin add 1/2 cup of Coconut or Olive Oil.